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Nourishing Cream with Lifting Effect (50 ml)  Click here to enlarge this image
Nourishing Cream with Lifting Effect (50 ml)
Effective beauty treatment, it restores firmness and radiance to the face and has an immediate cosmetic "lifting effect " . Its formula is based on Karité Butter, Wheat Germ Oil and Hyaluronic Acid from biotechnology. It is a very rich cream , ideal also for night time use, when the relaxed skin responds better to the moisturising and nourishing action . For an immediately smoother and firmer complexion.

Hair/Skin: All skin types, especially with very dry skin
Actions: Moisturising and Nourishing
Directions for use: Apply to the face and neck before bedtime and massage delicately
Scent: Floral note with a fresh base
Suggestions: For those who want soft and moisturised skin
Characteristics: Cream rich in active principles which completely satisfy the needs of stressed and mature skins
Texture: Cream
Application area: Face

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Eyelids and eye contour cream - Lifting effect - (15 ml)
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Eyelids and eye contour cream - Lifting effect - (15 ml)
At last a product which takes care of the eyelids! Because the the beauty of the skin also depends on the eye contour! To maintain the skin of this delicate area of the face smooth and tonic it is important to use a specific lifting effect product every day. Indeed, the loss of elasticity of the skin causes the appearance of small wrinkles, dark rings, eye bags and antiaesthetic lines of the eyelids. The formula of this cream, rich in Hyalurinic acid, Ceramides and regenerates and tightens the structure of the epidermis, recreating from aouside the natural balance of the constitutive elements of the skin. Silky, incredibly absorbing, it helps maintain the skin soft and elastic, ehancing the cutaneous hydration and the natural defences of the skin, ensuring a lifting effect. It combat the wrnkles and the expression lines, restoring the natural brithtness of the eye contour.

Hair/Skin:All skin types, even the most sensitive skins
Actions:Anti wrinkle, redesifying, nourishing, elesticizing, linfting action
Direction for use:After cleansing the face, apply an adequate quatity of product at morning or at night, at the end of an intense day, gently massaging it in in the area around the eyes.
Suggestions:Ideal for anyone who want to counteract the signs of time, taking care of one of the most stressed areas of the face
Characteristic:Light, fast absorbing cream
Texture:Ophthalmic tube cream
Application Area:eye contour and eyelids

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Nourishing Lifting Effect Cream for the neck and décolleté (50 ml)  Click here to enlarge this image
Nourishing Lifting Effect Cream for the neck and décolleté (50 ml)
Smooth and soft neck, décolleté which is toned and supple at all ages . To combat and prevent the sagging of such a delicate and typically feminine part of the body a special Lifting Effect Cream has been created with moisturising properties and a strong-firming action . It contains Soya by-products, which have a stimulating and energising action, combined with Alga extracts, containing nourishing ingredients which are capable of stimulating the synthesis of collagen, giving a fresh and youthful appearance to the skin whilst improving its firmness. Light and pleasant to apply, the cream deeply nourishes and tones, thanks also to the presence of Honey and Jojoba Oil. To preserve the beauty of a youthful neck and décolleté. .

Hair/Skin: All skin types.
Actions: Elasticising, nourishing and toning action
Directions for use: Apply a generous amount of the product on the zones to be treated and delicately massage until completely absorbed
Scent: Light and sophisticated delicate flora fragrance enhanced by white flower notes
Suggestions: For all those who want to improve the appearance of their décolleté
Characteristics: Elasticising Cream capable of promoting a lifting effect which gives a more youthful appearance to the neck and décolleté
Texture: Medium consistency cream
Application area: The neck and décolleté

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