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Soft Milk Make-up Remover tonic for sensitive and couperose (150 ml)  Click here to enlarge this image
Soft Milk Make-up Remover tonic for sensitive and couperose (150 ml)
Sensitive skin suffers most from the effects of environmental conditions and makeup. It is therefore important to pay particular attention to cleansing using effective products , which are however delicate like this tonic milk with Zanthoxilum alatum, with its recognised soothing effects , distilled Chamomile water and Iris milk, which has a lenitive action . The 2 in 1 formula of this tonic milk allows you to remove makeup gently and easily .

Sensitive skin is easily irritated, it reacts in an exasperated way to environmental conditions, to stress, to the changes in temperature and to emotions. It ages more quickly than normal skin, therefore it has to be protected with considerable care using specific products, hypoallergenic, specifically studied to be effective and, at the same time, delicate and not aggressive like the products conceived by Bottega Verde.

Hair/Skin: Suitable for sensitive skins
Actions: Cleansing, make-up removal and toning action
Directions for use: Gently remove the makeup with cotton wool soaked in cleansing milk
Scent: This formula is made without the use of any fragrances to guarantee it is totally hypoallergenic. It has a characteristic perfume which comes from Zanthoxilum alatum, an active principle extracted from a plant of Chinese origin which has soothing properties
Suggestions: For all those women who want to remove make-up delicately whilst toning the facial skin
Characteristics: Make-up removal milk characterised by a gentle formula, dermatologically tested, enriched with active principles with toning properties
Texture: Low consistency emulsion
Application area: The face

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